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Des Kleineibst

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Artist's Statement



My passion is to use photography as my medium to create limited edition fine art prints reflecting the beauty of nature particularly seascapes, landscapes and textures.

As a first choice I print on aluminum because I believe it really brings the images to life. Each print is unique in that in the preparation of the metal surface to accept the ink it is scoured by hand leaving a non-uniform surface texture. 

During the printing process the white ink option is switched off, so there is no ink coverage in the white areas of the image, to allow the metal to shine through.

As one walks past the face of the print the light interplays with the art giving it a 3D effect.

The printed effect I achieve has been referred to as looking like etchings.

The maximum size I can print to is 1200 mm x 2400 mm.  A rectangular sub-frame is affixed to the back of the print making it look like it is floating 16mm away from the wall surface, allowing for easy hanging.

My limited edition prints are available in various sizes, are signed and numbered on the back and come with a certificate of authenticity. I also print on Perspex, canvas and various fine art papers, all to archival quality.

These fine art images do not necessarily reflect what was actually there to be photographed - a camera is a machine that captures the image - but my interpretation of what I felt and wanted to express at the time of capturing the image and thereafter working on them in my digital darkroom.

Why seascapes ? Perhaps, because I was born and have lived most of my life close to the ocean, where I have spent most of my leisure time fishing and being at one with nature.

 A brief overview of my life as a photographer up to now :

·           After high school where I chaired the camera club, I studied photography for 3 years at Pretoria Technikon, specializing in Advertising Photography.

I then Spent the following 2 years in the SAAF Photographic Section where I specialized in aerial photogr Following that I have spent the past 30+ years honing my craft specializing in Automotive Photography for the Advertising.

In between my commercial assignments, I have always photographed seascapes, landscapes and textures for my personal pleasure.

Photography has always been and will always be about THE LIGHT ( derived from the Greek “photos’’ for “light’’ and “graphos” for “drawing” ).  Without using the light intelligently all you have is a record of the scene.

Backlighting and side lighting are my preferred lighting directions, often combined with cloudy weather to add drama and excitement to the scene.

My approach to my Fine Art Photography is to draw from my years experience working in the advertising industry, where every photograph I produce has to be 100% to the brief, which leads to planning the shoot, taking into account the weather forecast, moon phase which affects the tides, sunrise and sunset times and position of the sun at these times depending upon the season.

However upon the particular day it is all about what I encounter at my chosen location and making the best of what there is. This often leads to my returning to the same location over and over again until I achieve exactly what I preconceived.

Often though the weather can change without warning and just being there leads to unexpected results that are sometimes superior to all the planned ideas I had.

I generally use a tripod and am very careful about my composition making sure I am 100% happy with every millimeter of the scene I see in my viewfinder before I commit to pressing the shutter.

I am intrigued by really long exposures (up to 15 minutes) as this is where I can only imagine what the final image could look like, I love the fluidity of movement of all the non-static elements in the image, particularly water and clouds and actively search for locations and subjects that are conducive to this shooting technique.

I do however also shoot much shorter exposures simultaneously as this gives a totally different feel to the image.

Once I have a processed the image that I am happy with creatively, sometimes I apply various post production techniques including a variety of ‘’image painting effects‘’, often applying more than one to an image until I am satisfied with the result.

I often return to the original unprocessed image and reprocess it differently and then work on it in post production using other techniques leading to a totally different ‘’feel and look”, e.g. it could be black and white, de-saturated, over saturated, water color, oil painting etc.

I shoot on Hasselblad 40 Megapixel and Canon 21 Megapixel Systems fitted with super wide - angle lenses as my first choice, but occasionally I still shoot on film using my Hasselblad system if the shot demands it. I use Lee neutral density and graduated filters to lengthen my exposure times. Manfrotto carbon fiber Tripods to keep the camera steady during the long exposures.

I would relish the opportunity of discussing a project or scheduling a commission.

My Fine Art Goal is to achieve an end result that reflects my vision and intention at the time – not necessarily reality - and in doing so, to bring pleasure to the collector.